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In this image is visible some of the details our weekly lawn mowing services provides around Suffolk County, NY
At C & A Landscaping and lawn maintenance company in Suffolk County, NY, we give our all to do the job right. We take the time to make your lawn look well maintained, just like we would for our lawn. Having a healthy lawn not only makes your property presentable, it also improves air and water quality, naturally filters groundwater, oxygenates the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, and reduces sound levels by 30%. 
Therefore, mowing grass and caring for your lawn is not only beautiful to look at, but is environmentally friendly, giving you a personal opportunity to make a sustainable difference for the environment.  

At C & A, we provide a professional, environmentally friendly approach to healthy lawn and landscape services at competitive pricing. 
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- Weekly Lawn Mowing
- Mechanical Edging
- Line Trimming
- Lawn Fertilization Programs 
- Weed and Disease Control 
- Lawn Re-seeding
- New Seed Lawns
- Sod Installation
- Lawn Aeration 
- Lawn Top Dressing
- Spring/Fall CleanUps

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Professional Lawn And Landscape Maintenance
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Having a lush, green carpet-like lawn around your property, and watching it serve as a cushion for both kids and pets to play in, is only one of the many benefits of a well maintained lawn.  
                   Professional Lawn Maintenance In Suffolk County NY
More Than Just Mowing, We will Manicure Your Lawn!
Providing proper nutrition is the most important thing the lawn will need to stand up to everyday stresses. It's very important to recognize your lawn's needs so you can select the best products for your yard. Proper timing and the right amounts of fertilizer will lead to remarkable results, two key ingredients for a nice, lush, and healthy lawn. 
Lawns also need other products beside fertilizing to prevent or control future problems such as weeds and diseases. Don't forget every lawn is different and so it is important that each lawn gets a detailed program to supply all nutrients for great health. Most cool-season lawns require four meals per year: 
-spring for revival, 
-early summer jump, 
-late summer awakening, 
-autumn supplement to carry out the lawn throughout the winter.     
Q&A From The Experts:
-Are you watering your lawn the right way? 
Watering your lawn is also a key ingredient for survival and health. Sprinklers application rate must match the soil's absorption rate.
-When is the best time to water? 
Early morning is best, usually there is less wind to misshape the spray from its target and the lawn will have all day to dry before nightfall. 
-Can I water at night?
Watering late in the day, or at night may promote unwanted diseases. 
-How much water is enough?
Most lawns usually need one to two inches of water per week. Whether it is directly from your irrigation system or natural rain, for your lawn and garden to be moistened in the entire root zone.
Call C & A Landscaping! we can help maintain your lawn at it best.
Professional lawn and landscaping services is what we do!
Commercial Lawn Maintenance
Residential Lawn Maintenance 
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